Sheet music/ Works Catalog

Sheet music 

Les Productions D’Oz

J.W. Pepper

Venice- Score and parts $27 (PDF $14). Instrumentation: Guitar, Electric Piano and String Orchestra. 18 pages (score). Intermediate.

I. Nighttime on the Grand Canal 

II. St. Mark’s Square

III. Bridge of Sighs

IV. Carnival

Sherlock Holmes-The Consulting Detective (Medley from the Zojoi video game series) – Score and parts $34.

Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra- parts and score $35 (PDF $18). Instrumentation: Oboe, Clarinet, Guitar, and Strings. 27 pages (score). Intermediate.

All orders do not include shipping.

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  Works Catalog


Solo Guitar

“Shaolin” © 2016”


“Andante” ©1998

“Wudang Mountain” ©2016

“Merlin” (Three movements)©2010

(for Electric Acoustic Guitar and effects)

“Chou-Chou” ©2005 “Andalucia Suite” ©2005
“Nocturne” ©2005 “Americana” ©2001
“Farewell 2001” ©2001 “With You” ©2001
“Variations on a Fantasia by Juan Serrano”


“Prelude/Romance” ©1999

“Nassau” ©1996


“Shadow Whispers to Light” ©1996

“Birnam Wood”©1996

“Contrast” ©1995


“Daydreams, Suite for Solo Guitar” ©1995

“Moderato” ©1995 “Dedication” ©1995
“Winter’s Edge” ©1994


Orchestral Works

“Sherlock Holmes Medley”©2014

(from the Zojoi Video Game Series)

“Alpha Centauri” ©1999

“Venice” © 2010

“Age of Fire” © 2002

“Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra” ©1998 “Transylvania” ©1998


Chamber Works

“Viva Espana” ©2016

(for two guitars)


“The Four Horsemen” ©1996

(for violin, guitar, viola, cello)

“Because of You” ©2006

(for voice and guitar)

“Capriccio in a minor” ©1996

(for guitar and violin)


“Nuestra Senora de las Maravilla”©2005

(for violin and guitar)

(for flute and guitar)


Rock/Blues Tunes

“High Speed Chase”©2017

“Soaring” ©2016                                                    “Just Tell Me Why?”©2016

“Come Fly With Me”©2016                                  “Because of You”©2016

“Sliding Around ©2016

“Blue Bayou” ©2016                                            “Horizons”©2015

“Prelude” ©2015                                                  “Blue Funk ©2015

“Dual Phase of a Lost Moon” ©2015                   “Through Space and Time”©2015

“Homage to New York City” ©2015                    “Bridge of Sighs” (Electric version)©2015

“Love”©2014                                                        “The Forgotten One” © 1989

(for guitar, bass, drums)

Works for Tenor Ukulele

“Over the Dunes” ©2015

“Toes in the Sand” ©2015

“The Uke Abides” ©2015

“Uke and Whale” ©2013


Works for Video Games (pickup music only)

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Series by Zojoi Games ©2012

            (9 Games in series)


Works for TV and Film

PSA for the Mars Foundation 2011

Alpha Centauri used in programming on the G4 cable channel. 2009

Maelstrom used in Curse of the Slasher Nurse 2017













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